Production Illustration Stage One

While I’m working on writing the first chapter or so of my comic Ghost Squirrel, I’ve decided to make a couple of “production design” illustrations.  These drawings are intended to help me explore and stage the locations featured in each of Ghost Squirrel’s major scenes.

Landscape illustration of animal characters eating at a cafe before a hospital

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Furtive Squirrel Character Designs – Part 1

Over the next few days I’m going to put up the existing character designs for Ghost Squirrel along with a bit of bio.

ink and digital color illustration of a giant tailed squirrel character

Part one of the character design for the main character of a webcomic project.  This is the standard form of the titular Ghost Squirrel.  Read on for part one of the pitch description:

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Cover Page for a Pitch

Bit of commentary from the future here, but man oh man is this hard to look at now.  Scratch that.  It was hard to look at when I originally drew it!  Below is a cover to Ghost Squirrel‘s original pitch, back when I was trying to convince people that is was a nice and cheery kid’s show.

ink and digital color illustration showing a squirrel and owl standing in front of a forest and city under a bright sky.It’s just so… uncharacteristically friendly.  

Oh well.  Still has merit.  Nice coloring for example.  Read on for the original text that accompanied this image.

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Twilight Scene Goodness

No.  Not that twilight.

A color version of the Ink Spirit from Ghost Squirrel.  I think the color scheme could be described as twilight meets lava volcano.  If “lava volcano” isn’t a paint swatch name, I will be very disappointed.

Ink and digital color illustration of fantasy creature in mountain landscape at twilight.