Strange Eyed Lady

Sometimes I get bored and conspire to make people as weird looking as possible.Illustration of strange looking woman sitting on cushioned stool and cloth.

Being bored with the model is also a good opportunity to practice cloth.

Female Dancer, Medium and Long

Life drawings, three medium length poses of a female dancer.

Long pose illustration of a pretty female dancer sitting on a stool.

The last of the “dancer lady” drawings I have scanned.  Longer poses here.  I think this set’s gestures were better…but that’s not unusual for me.

Fun Dancer Lady

sketchbook page featuring a female dancer

I suspect this model (the lady) may have been an exotic dancer in another life.  She was very strong, flexible, and felt comfortable posing upside down for extended periods of time.  

She was terribly fun to draw!

Canine Odontology

Rough storyboard panel: camera view from  dog's mouth, shoe on pedal Rough storyboard panel: camera view from  dog's mouth, woman walking dogRough storyboard panel: camera view from  dog's mouth, mailman

Three rough storyboard panels from inside a dog’s mouth (for an animated opening to a reality TV show currently in development).  Don’t get to draw that angle nearly enough!

Long, Skinny, Distinctive

Illustration of a distinctive male artist's model holding sword and scabbard and sitting on a cloth covered stool. Sketchbook page featuring drawings a distinctive male artist model holding a cane and reclining.

Haven’t had enough man on this blog yet.  Some longer poses (10 min and 20 min) of a really fun artist’s model.  Really long and skinny, with a very distinctive belly button.  I might post shorter poses from this session.