Gotta Love Robots

Pencil sketch of robot character design.  Robot kneeling and holding small rodent creature. Pencil sketch of robot character design.   Robot shown walking. Pencil sketch of robot character design.  Early draft, round face.Opening up the vault for this one.   Character designs of main character from an animated short I was working on.  The final robot looked a bit different, but I do like these early examples.


And Now We Have It

After some very cartoonish and semi-cartoonish attempts, I think I finally got him to look about right.sketchbook page showing drawing of a conventionally handsome nude man leaning on an artist's stoolStill, he looks like a handsomer version of one of my comic characters.  I guess true realism will have to wait another day.

When Things Aren’t As They Seem

This guy was the most conventionally attractive person I’ve ever had the opportunity to draw naked.

Sketchbook page featuring a nude man sitting on a stool and leaning on a bamboo stick.…granted things went a little awry in the drawing phase.

Ghost Squirrel Comic Page 3

comic page showing squirrel finishing his conversation with owl and exiting out onto a stage like space filled with a diverse and strange audienceThere are so, so many crowd scenes in this story.  I shall be a master crowdsman by the time this story is finished.

The Giant Foot

Seems I forgot one sketchbook page from a gesture life drawing set I’ve posted already here and here.

For completeness sake:

Sketch book page featuring two gesture drawings of a tall man leaning on a stool.

Last of the Creams

Colored pencil illustration on cream paper showing intense woman sitting by a ladder.The last of the cream paper drawings I have scanned.  I really like the look and effect of the colored pencil on this paper.  Posting these has inspired me to take it up again.

Also, I know I can go pretty crazy with hands sometimes…but these specimens are just ridiculous! That nipple of her’s is also pretty fantastic.

Lady with Prominent Nose and Thighs

Illustration of artist's model with prominent nose and thighs.

Part of me thinks this drawing is very weird looking.  But then again…there is some nice…shall I say “drama” to the line work.

I’ll go hide in a corner for typing that now.

Ghost Squirrel Comic Page 2

Page two of Ghost Squirrel.  Meet the two main characters: Furtive Squirrel, the titular Ghost, and his (more-or-less) sidekick Intrepid Owl.

Comic Page in Pencil Layout Stage Showing Dialogue Between an Owl and a Squirrel