Better Than Naked

Sometimes drawing normal people is more engaging than drawing naked women.

Sketchbook page showing drawings of a heavy set male sitting on an artist's horse.

Yes, really.

Perky Boobs and Attitude

Sketchbook compilation showing a woman with perky boobs and varying stages of attitude.An older set of drawings.  Perhaps in that transitionary phase between my rounded college era cartoons and the wavy, crazy muscled era I’ve been drawing most of these posts from.

That said, I still love the reclining woman’s (at bottom) boobs.  They are just so damn perky.


Danger from Book Perusal

Sketchbook pages from way, way back.  I was looking at a great book on African art and things…well, things got a little weird.

Sketchbook page showing funny chicken footed creature with giant hole in its head.

Sketchbook page showing creatures that look like medieval inspired deer.The scans date from way back too.

Pointy Lady Three Ways

Sketchbook spread showing woman with pointy features three ways.That lady in the upper right is one of my favorite drawings from this period.  Something about the attitude, I think.

A Different Likeness

A very different take on this woman.Sketchbook spread showing large black woman sitting on a stool in front of a ladder.At least I think it’s the same woman.  Hard to tell, particularly since “likeness” is a rather low priority when I draw from life.

Life Drawing – Gesture Spread

I pulled together all the gesture sketches from a single life drawing session for this set.  That was a lot easier to do when I drew small.

Sketchbook page gesture drawings of a flexible nude woman in many positions.

I switched sketchbook brands the second I realized this one’s paper scanned a hue of piss yellow.

When Owl was a Dude

A villain from when I was sketching out ideas for the comic I’m working on. Pencil sketch showing character design for a cubby owl villain.Pencil sketch showing character design for a cubby owl villain.

This can also be considered an early version of the female hero character Owl.  I co-opted the design when I realized owls are much easier to draw than finches.

Oldie Goldie

I’ll be posting a few worthy sketchbook pages from an older set of work starting with this long pose set:

Sketchbook page featuring long pose illustrations of a large nude woman leaning on a cane.  Also shows portrait insert.

I believe I only had the opportunity to draw this woman once.  As I recall she was enormously difficult to do gestures for.