Ghost Squirrel 2.0 update

“Ghost Squirrel” succumbed to a fairly common creative death: putting ambition before a defined scope. There’s a lot of really good individual scenes in here, but I don’t believe it would have ever held together as a focused narrative whole. So, time to call it methinks. (plus I’m working on the much stronger Falling City!)

Falling City Page

First page of something I’m working on. Next step: color. Lots and lots of color.


Site Update

Well, I haven’t updated this site in an embarrassingly long time.  There’s a good reason for it!

Short answer: I’m working on a long form comic and I can’t show it yet.

Long answer: I’m working on a revamped version of Ghost Squirrel. Yes, there is some of that title on this site, but the posted version is definitely a first draft. It happens. You get to a point and realize “this ain’t working” and need to shift gears. The new gear? “Screw final art I’m working exclusively on script and layout until this shit is solid.”  As of this posting I’m up to 141 pages of layouts for the new narrative. Not too shabby, methinks.

I cannot, however, leave this post totally devoid of imagery so here’s an out of context page:

Single panel comic page.Indeed.

Return to Comic Color

I’m not actively working on these comic pages anymore (or rather, I’m taking a break to work on a prose version of the narrative).  But I might as well post what’s already done.  Everything that’s posted so far is here.

Color comic book page.  Panels feature an intense boxing match between a grey squirrel and a bobcat.Color work starts to get a bit …candy-ish around here.  But, hey!  Color.  Don’t see too much of that around my blog.