Comic Creator and Artist
Boulder, CO – Spring 2014 thru Ongoing

Project Manager
Bolder Games, Boulder, CO – Winter 2016 thru Ongoing
Project Manager on Multiple Projects: a YouTube Video Series, an Interactive Museum Racing Game, and an Upcoming Multi-Platform Horror Game.

Illustrator/Mini Comic Artist
Bolder Games, Boulder, CO – Winter 2016
In-game Illustration and Mini Comic Artist for Upcoming Mobile Game. Script writing.

Concept Illustrator
Bolder Games, Boulder, CO – Fall 2016
Helped Developed Gameplay Design Concepts.

Storyboard Artist (live-action, animation hybrid)
Cabimat Inc., New York, NY – Summer 2013
Animated opening for Cesar Millan’s CESAR 911 airing on National Geographic’s Nat Geo WILD.

Graphic Designer
Vivid Entertainment, Studio City, CA – Spring 2013 thru Winter 2013
Photo Retoucher/Poster Designer/Title Design for Digital Film Distribution.

Contract Story Sketch Artist (live-action commercial)  
Animated Storyboards, Los Angeles, CA – Winter 2012
Contract Story Sketch Artist and Designer for full service test spot company.

Storyboard Artist (live-action commercial)  BBCN Bank Commercial Pitch
Tee/Yoo Productions, Venice, CA – Winter 2012

Layout Timing/Motion Graphics (animation) Spirit of Competition
TRU Protection, Los Angeles, CA – Fall 2012
Additional Responsibilities: Creating Graphics, Animation, Editing and Music Editing.

Storyboards and Editor (live-action film) Other Ghosts & Summer Guest
Dovecote Films, New York, NY – Fall and Winter 2012
Other Ghosts Selected For Festival Screening at Anthology Film Archives, 2012.

Storyboard and Layout Artist (animation) Auction
Graphic Online Animation Competition, Sydney, Australia – Summer 2012
Additional: Story, Production Art, Camera & Character Animation, Editing, and Music Arrangement.

Storyboards and Camera Animator (animation) Hansel and Gretel
Yellow Gun Productions, L.A., CA – Winter 2011/2012
Additional Responsibilities: Production Art/Layouts, Camera & Character Animation, and Editing.

Storyboard Artist (animation) Break Progress
Santa Monica, CA – Winter 2010 thru Spring 2011
Additional Responsibilities: Camera Animation and Creating Timed Boards.

Storyboard Artist (live-action film) La Boite Noir
American Montage, New York, NY – Fall 2010

Storyboard Artist (live-action film) Room For One & Return to Sender
Projects For Columbia U. Graduate Film Students,  New York, NY – Summer 2010

Character Design Artist (animation) MTV Pilot
Clambake Animation, Boston, MA – Fall 2009

Animator and Background Artist PBS’ Between the Lions segment Sheep on a Ship
Michael Sporn Animation Inc. New York, NY – Summer 2006
Background artist for Tribeca Family Festival short Reading to Your Bunny.